21 July

Driving license tips from Rahul

Driving School : Galadari

My Story

I passed my test yesterday on my 3rd attempt after a grueling 6 months of waiting and waiting. My journey began in June when my file was opened at Galadari Driving School. I had to take 40 classes because I had less than 2 years home license. I highly recommend Mohd. Ishfaq who in my opinion is the best instructor they have to offer.

My first attempt was IMO my best attempt by far but the RTA Inspector decides to fail me because I hit the yellow line while turning in a T-Junction.
My second attempt was not that great according to me because of nervousness.
Finally yesterday my third attempt was also ok but the Inspector decided to pass me but the test he took was grueling. He asked the three of us to simply overtake on the empty road which is simply just changing one lane and returning to the lane and staying in the speed limit.

Unfortunately, the other 2 guys did not understand the inspector when he said to perform an overtake and he had to brake immediately and both were failed.

A few points to remember during your final road test :
1. Stopping 3 seconds in compulsory at Stop signs.
2. Stay under the speed limit. But this does not mean that you have to keep your speed low. Keep it according to the road limits.
3. Never argue with the Inspector.
4. Stay focused.
5. Show your confidence.
6. Don't waive your car on the road. If there is a pedestrian or cyclist, stop after checking your center mirror and remember to give your hazard lights.
7. Keep checking the center mirror every 5 seconds and side mirrors every 10 seconds.
8. If a car in front of you is continuously slow you are allowed to overtake him. But remember to come back in your lane.
9. Mostly importantly don't lose hope as you will pass in one or other attempt. I have seen many incidents where people give up after giving 5-6 tries.

Hope you pass :)

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