The Definitive Guide to get Jobs in Dubai

Jobs in Dubai - The definitive guide in Dubai

All of us have this simple question:

How can I get a new or better job in Dubai?

You already tried all the tips and tricks provided by various blogs and websites, also applied all the jobs, tired and tired couldn't receive even one call, this is the frustrating moment.

Wait a moment.. Are we on the right track?

First let us review what we doing now.
We have resume it's talking about your qualification and experience, and we register in various job boards. yes, then we search job in those sites then click apply then you're waiting for the call endlessly.. I guess many of us following this method last for a couple of years and you never ever get any all.

What is the problem with this model?

You aware the information technology and technology changed a lot and every thing on finger tips. How can you really believe this not applicable for job application methods?

Luckily not much changes, we don't know maybe in the future it may drastically change.

# Make different targeting resume.

The common problems in job applications - mostly we are sending the same resume for various positions, this brings the following issues

  1. Resume not suitable for the job which you are applying for.
  2. Resume does not mention the required skill sets or not highlighlighted.

So it is for sure we should have targeted resume for different positions. That I mean you should modify the resume according to the position.

Few resume guidelines

  • It should be up-to-dated.
  • Keep the contact number which is reachable
  • Place a decent photograph in the front page.
  • Keep the contents of the resume brief and accurate.
  • Do not make any false claims or misrepresentations in your resume, it is a crime under UAE law.
  • There should not be any spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Add the personal reference in the resume. If you have anyone in UAE prefers them most.
  • Don’t apply for positions that you are not qualified for. If you think just to try like a lottery system you can. But don't count or wait for a call if you get any call you are luck that's it.
Resume header
see a sample resume header.

It should have have your name, address, email address, contact number and photo.
If you got personal website mention that too. Nowadays the social networking era everyone will have linkedin profile. So you can add the linkedin profile url too.
Find jobs in dubai tips - resume tips

#2 : Understand the job tools available and register your CV.

In Dubai we had a lot of career tools. Here is what I learned on the job tools
  • Register on the popular portals in Dubai that lists various jobs in various industries,

Following are the popular portals. Click on them to visit and register
Also careerjet Link-> popular acts as a search engine for the most of job sites. That helps to search in multiple job sites same time

You are getting more chances to get hired by registering in the online career portals. But how do your profile get more recruiters view? 

Keep updated the resume. If you just created resume and never visit the resume it never helps you. Recently updated resume appear first when recruiter looks for candidate.

Recruiters using keywords to find the candidate. You make sure you have added all skill sets you hold. Job sites works in a way to check keyword on your profile and showing up.

Ensure you filled all sections and created a presentable CV. You can check how the recruiters viewing your profile and asses that.

# : Search and Apply jobs effectively

As I am a Java developer I always use the keyword 'Java' or the skill sets I hold like java script, Spring etc. You can search with the keyword of your skill set.

You can apply from the job site itself or take the recruiter mail from the job advertisement and send the resume via mail with proper cover letter. Many of the recruiter prefers to get the application via mail that is the reason they giving the mail Id. In that case you will get the preference if you send the application via e-mail.

Also you can apply via visiting the career section of major companies like
- Emirates
- Al Futtaim
- Emaar Properties
- Visit for more companies details in MENA region.

If you are in the visit visa, you can make a visit to the companies in Dubai and drop your resume. If the suitable position arrives HR will contact you.

Apply with cover letter

Applying with the relevant cover letter will definitely gives you a weightage over other applicants. So you have to ensure the cover letter specifically targeting the job you're applying.

#: The recruitment black box.

You holding the tailored resume and 'applied' the targeted job and it went to the recruiter mail box. This looks quite familiar right? This is not only limited to you job hunting in Dubai or UAE but also applicable for job applying any part of the world.

What happens next? 

This is the black box we really don't know what is happening until we get an interview call or  a mail from the recruiter which is unsuccessful.

Uncover the blackbox

Once the recruiter received your resume it may have some deadline to open it. Once it reaches the time line he will start going through it. In initial screening it may come to the following points in the consideration. 

At this moment they might have 1000+ resumes, depends on company and position this number can vary.
  • Skills - Is the person got necessary skill sets
  • Experience
  • Resource locally available - most position they will prefers to have the resource locally available for easy recruitment.
So if any of them not matching candidate will be getting 'unsuccessful' message. Now resume number came down to may be 200 to 300.

Now, have you realized the importance of modifying your resume to match your job position?

If resume volume is large after initial screening they will go for second level screening, this time they will consider
  • Educational qualifications
  • Project experiences
  • Personal website (Highly recommended to have) -  they may go through your personal website. If you haven't got any make it now and put your resumes and career achievements. You can create it free on, etc. You can make it custom domain like .com if you need any help contact me.
Now the number of resumes come down to might be 100.

This point they will be sending the candidates the interview or test appointments.


Few companies are conducting online tests to further streamline the applications. This mostly will be a multiple choice objective questions if you pass the test they will call you for the first interview session.