Top immediately fail list RTA driving test

It is toughest task to pass road test in Dubai. Just to note that if you make any mistake in the immediate fails category as the name says you 'failed immediately'

You may have in the middle of your driving learning or completed at least one test now. You need to know two ways lead to Road test failure

  •  committing a major mistake or more
  • Committing 13 minor mistakes or more.

The driving test in UAE is a unique experience filled with lot curiosity and stress and sure you will win if you are confident and drive well during your test. Examiners just want to make sure you are driving well and you are safe drivers. You allowed to make up to 12 minor mistakes more than 12 will lead to failure. But with regards to major mistakes if you encounter even one it will lead to road test failure.

Some common mistakes candidates repeating fails to stop in the Stop Line, failing to adjust seat and mirrors accordingly(This makes lot of trouble if you are driving after a tall guy and you are short, if you forget to set mirrors accordingly you cannot see anything :) ) Some candidates will drive very slow, that also lead to failure.

Below are the few top immediate fails candidates finding on the final Road Test Result Certificate by RTA. Click on each list to find out more about these mistakes and how to avoid such mistakes. Also, We have attached videos giving some insights.