Al Bayt Stadium | Qatar World Cup 2022

Al Bayt Stadium
Image: Al Bayt Stadium

Al Bayt Stadium is one of the recently opened stadiums in Al Khor City, Qatar. The stadium officially opened on 30 november 2021 with a group match between Qatar and Bahrein in the Arab Cup 2021. The Al Khor city is also known for its pearl diving and fishing. The stadium's name its taken from 'bayt al sha'ar' which means tents historically used by nomadic peoples of the Gulf region. Al Bayt Stadium will host nine matches in the Fifa World Cup, including opening fixture, five other group meetings as well as three knockout matches. The design of the stadium reflects the inside of a bedouin tent. Tents are identified by black and white strips Al Bayt Stadium is retractable roofed football stadium. Its opening and closing in 20 minutes. There are 60,000 seats are available and its divided into three tiers. After the world cup, the top tier will be removed and also will reduce the capacity to 32,000 seats. Moreover Al Bayt Stadium has new developments, including parks and leisure facilities and also have fast food places on the stadium complex. In Al Khor city hotel facilities will be provided to the guests.

Al Khor City

35km north of central Doha

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