How to be confident on your driving test in UAE

On May, 2009 nearly 6 years back when I started by blogging I have written a post "life is a game impossible is nothing" is story telling about a photographer who taking  photographs in Grand Canyon Arizona. He climbed to the rock which is 900 meters high to take photographs and he is jumping to another near by rocks to take another picture very confidently. His mind might be full of desire to get the most amazing photographs ever so he does not have any negative thoughts in mind like what will happen if I feel down from 900 meters high? am I going to die? who will take care my family then? He is pushing away all his negative thoughts and setting aside his limiting beliefs and getting reay for another perfect picture. The story about self confidence.

Lack of vehicle control to the extent that proceeding with the traffic, This may be the one of the item you can see in your test result if you failed in any attempt.

I was reading by adding one more point along with this one that is 'lack of confidence one of the main reason for this is it was my experience.

I was absolutely no confidence on the first and second test and i was very nervous too.

The reason I was keep on doing mistake during my practical classes and scolding by my instructor.
Also keep forgetting certain things like checking mirror during lane change.

You can realise that this really be one of the tests in whole life, examiner with you all time for the examination. It makes you more nervousness.

I know this issue with almost everyone it seems, one of the mail I received we can clearly see no confidence of the candidate, do you feel this person can pass the test?…

I was one of the person sail through the same boat that means went through the same situation so I replied that 

I also repeating the same advice to different candidates to be confident on your test. no matter how expert you are. It is clear you cannot be expert in few classes in driving school If you don't have much experience. Then how can you clear that test? Be confident. So that you can exhibit the same thing you learned during your class which will help you to be confident in your driving test. 

Please watch out few tricks which will help you to be confident in your driving test

1.  Don't bring your negative thoughts on your test day

2. Make your mind : you should train your mind saying that you are going to win this time

3. finding a mentor : 

find a mentor means you can find people around may gone through the same situation. for example find the success stories in this website, who done Amazing job faced in the same situation, this stories really inspire you and motivates. You will get here confident feeling by finding the thing you will be going to face there.

4. Avoid last time mistakes there are certain things that will affect your confidence level really badly

  • Running late for the exam 
  • Chitchatting with other candidates
  • missing to scan dashboard 
  • mirrors not setting properly
you can read more in this post.
5. do your homework
If you really prepared for the exam it will boost your confidence level.
you can go with more classes if you are not having issue with money. 
Games on mobile or computer can help you out also available driving simulator available that help you practice
6. Being imaginative

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