Learners License Test - Kerala 2021

Learners license is the first step for the driving license in Kerala. This will issued by Motor Vehicles Department(MVD) of Kerala. This will issue after you pass the Learners License Test. Your knowledge on Road Rules and Regulations, Signals and signs, Attitude on road etc will test during the exam.

We have given few practice test and the Tests that simulates the real test conducting by authorityIn the learners license test we set as 20 questions that help you to complete the test quickly and learn. At the end of test you can find the answers and the total score.

Theory Tests

In Kerala driving learners tests you can expect 20 questions and you should do the test online.At the end of the test examiner will tell you whether you passed or not and they will issue learning license.It is simple and below tests will hep you to pass easily.

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Fun and learn Score:

Topic-Wise Tests

Below Topic-wise tests helps you to practice on various topics before taking the theory tests on a specific topic. The category is based on the questions generally appears in the theory tests by Motor Vehicles Department(MVD) Kerala.

More Kerala Driving Theory Test Details

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