Abu Dhabi Driving Theory Test 2021

Passing RTA theory test is the first and important step towards obtaining your driving license in Abu Dhabi. This test also known as Signal Test.

Theory Test Sets

In Abu Dhabi driving theory tests you can expect 35 questions and you should do the test online. Our below mock tests help you to pass easily

Click on the below question set to start

RTA Theory Test 5
RTA Theory Test 2
RTA Theory Test 1
RTA Theory Test 3
Mock RTA Theory Test
RTA Theory Test 4
Mock RTA Theory Test

Deep-Dive Driving Theory Tests

The below test gives you a deep-dive analysis of your score for the various topics appear in theory test for Light Motor Vehicle. This exam contains total 20 questions. There are three questions from each topic and two Hazard Perception video questions.
The report at the end will give an in-depth analysis of what you need to focus on your study.

  • 1) Traffic Signals, 2) Road User Safety, 3) Managing Risk 3 Questions Each
  • 4) Rules and Responsibilities, 5) Road User Info, 6) Learning to Drive 3 Questions Each
  • 7) Hazard Perception 2 Video Questions

Deep Dive Exam Lists

Deep Dive RTA Theory Test 1
Deep Dive RTA Theory Test 2021

Fun and learn Score:

Topic-Wise Tests

Below Topic-wise tests helps you to practice on various topics before taking the theory tests on a specific topic. The category is based on the questions generally appears in the theory tests by Transport Authority Abu Dhabi.

More Abu Dhabi Driving Theory Test Details

What is the format Abu Dhabi Driving Theory Test?

There will be total 35 questions, The test is split into three different clusters
> 17 Questions from the traffic situations, you need to score minimum 11 correct answers
> 18 questions from the topics such as specific to Abu Dhabi driving situations, you need to score minimum 12 correct answers.
> Finally Hazard Perception also known as Risk recognition.

What are the topics covered?

Topics covered as per the handbook provided to you by the authority.
  • Traffic Signs
  • Drive Attitude and responsibilities
  • Road Users and Characteristics
  • Driver Condition
  • The environment
  • Driving on freeways
  • Hazard Perceptions and Emergency Handling
  • Traffic Accidents and what to do in case of accidents.

Tips for Abu Dhabi Driving Theory Test

This is a simple test and can pass very easily but many candidates not passing the first time because lack of preparations and also due to unfamiliar using the online test methodology.

You can pass the test by following the simple tips

  • You need to go through the handbook thoroughly in deep. The Rules and Responsibilities is not same for all countries. You will not get this except going through the Handbook and number of driving experience in your origin country will not help you in this type of questions.
  • Practice more mock tests as provided above this will help you to familiarize with the online testing strategies.
  • Learn all traffic signs and meanings. This guide will help you learn all traffic signs in Abu Dhabi

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