Smart yard testing in RTA Dubai: The things you should know

Smart yard testing reduces the need of RTA examiners, cuts operational costs, improves accuracy and ensures fairness in assessing the test result, Yousef Al Ali, CEO of RTA's Licensing Agency.
Dubai parking testing which also known as Yard test is now fully automated and it is known as Smart Yard Test. In smart yard test you will be taking the yard tests without the presence of the examiner. This will give you the confidence to drive the car alone. This also avoid the any human errors
  • The first smart yard was launched in February 2018 at Dubai Driving Center, Al Khail branch. 
  • all the 15 RTA test centers yard tests are fully automated now
smart yard parking test dubai

What are the test covers

smart yard parking test Dubai covers all the tests in the normal RTA parking test.
  1. Slope test
  2. Emergency brake test
  3. parallel parking test
  4. Garage parking test
  5. angle parking test

How technology works

Sensors and high-tech cameras are used to check if a driving license applicant will pass or fail. Each vehicle equipped with five cameras and 20 sensors

It uses video recognition and processing algorithms to check the vehicle's movement and parking lines. 
Cpu inside car

All the information about the driver's and the vehicle's movement is gathered in the CPU inside the vehicle.

An RTA examiner is positioned in a control tower from where he can monitor multiple vehicles at the same time through live video streaming. 

The data is analyzed by the system and it calculates the student's score and sends it to the control room

How RTA determines student pass or fail

If the vehicle touches the parking lines, the student's points will be deducted. A sensor is also used to check if the driver wore his seat belt. As for safety and security, vehicles are fitted with a safety system considered the first of its kind worldwide. 

  • Camera checks whether the students tilting their head appropriately when parking test
  • Placed the hand on the steering wheel or not
  • The sensor also detects candidate wear the seatbelt
  • If you make any mistake points will deduct

How ensuring safety

The vehicle can come to a complete halt in case the speed exceeds 35 kmph, or if it approaches an object to the front of a vehicle driving at a speed of 20 kmph, or in the event of crashing into an obstacle in the front.

How much fee is for smart yard test

No additional fee is required for students to take the smart yard test. 

What candidates say about smart yard test

Azhar Ahamed, an electrical engineer who passed the parking test in his second attempt, said driving without an RTA examiner boosted his confidence. "I am very happy and excited to have passed the parking test. Now God willing I will clear the road test and hit the streets. I prefer smart yard testing over the old process as it is more reliable and transparent and it allows students to drive independently. There's no scope of human error and we don't need to worry about the judgment of the examiner."
    The video in the beginning  gives the details of the smart yard testing in Dubai by RTA 
    The initiative is part of RTA's plans in support of the Smart City initiative of Dubai Government.
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