LBS College of Engineering, Kasaragod

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I am writing about this college in this blog to share my experience where I spend three years study for MCA graduation.

The College

The college is located in one of the hilly areas of Kasaragod named ‘Povval’. It is 25km (approx.) apart from the Kasaragod town. The college conducts the engineering courses in mechanical, electrical, electronics, 1T, CS and MCA. I was in the batch of 2002-2005.


I don’t know how these residential premises got this name. We wondered several times. It belongs to ‘hajikka’. The quarters having two blocks and each block is having three sections which contain one bedroom, one study room, and a bathroom. I stayed in the middle room of 1st block with Shimil, the tiger (working with HP now), Biju Joseph (‘SI of north police station’, got married in the last Wednesday), and Giss baby, working with Satyam now. These building blocks brought innumerable moments to our life.

The other rooms blessed by the powerful personalities Santhosh(the achayan), Manish(mani), Arun sunny pulikkan, Kiran T(TT lover), Liju and Surjith(great Mathematician, politicis lover), and the second block had the B-Tech mechanical students Denish, Pradeep, Anil etc… Also we had some occasional visitors like Tejas(who visits two/three times per year for ) and some B-Tech students who opt the mess facility of Annex, one of the biggest attraction in the Annex were the cricket match in the ‘Annex home ground’ which gives back a number of excellent players like Kiran, Anil, Achayan etc.. May be the walls/ fences have lot of stories of mind blowing matches between Btech’s and MCA’s.

The Mess

That was the good mess in that area at that time handled by Chechi. We had delicious food from there. I am remembering the long queue had seen there when there is special chicken/chappethi or chicken biriyani. In this span of three years, mess managed excellently by a number of mess secretaries, like Manish, Shimil, Biju etc……. I was one of them two times. Cast your vote for a good mess secretaryJ

College Politics

It was one of the infamous colleges in Kerala with regards to politics. The political parties KSU, SFI, MSF were there. SFI was the strongest in those. The college saw a number of fights in between those arties. Still continues… They had fight with local area peoples, known as locals, for several reasons. One day in the December of 2003 (not sure) we (annex residents) just escaped from one such kind of fights with locals. The SFI people started the fight and grouped in the hostel(MH) with stones, cycle chains etc…..When the locals rushed to the hostel they used towards the locals, they tired and turned towards to the police who were present there, they destroyed one police jeep and milma booth. Then some of them turned towards annex hostel we all were inside the room, started scared of them, but we escaped because of time by response from hajikka.

MCA Class

It was the funniest one, no classes, nothing. Teachers did not like to come to the classes but they were eager to give more internal marks, to escape from the complaints of students. They were not ready to align with new syllabus of Kannur University. We had 19 students including 6 girls and 3 day scholars Praveen (‘body’ builder), Sabeesh (pulaneesh), Anoop- the magician and Sajay and annexians. The MCA department is the one of the worst department ever I had seen( expect comments). But they gave good lab facility and internet connection by charging Rs. 20 per hour.

We had a good singer Sajay who entertained us by his singing skills. ;). Placement opportunities was a dream for us, because no companies ready to come here. But now the picture has been changed. Several students got placement after our batch.


This is the village next to the place Bovikanam which is infamous by using endosulfan for cashew crops. We can see number of victims of endosulfan here. There have cashew crops in the surrounding places and peoples were tired of struggle with the government. I haven’t seen any movement in my college against endosulfan usages in this place. The local residents 99% are Muslims speaking a slight different version Malayalam (eg: enthakkineda J ). There is a number mosques in this small village, and one school. The annexians had good time there, we made a good connections with all kind of people there. I started a tuition centre there for school going children, but it didn’t succeed because the lack of students L