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Advanced Mock RTA Theory Test - Dubai UAE

Advanced Mock RTA Theory Test - Dubai UAE | Smashplus

Passing RTA theory test is the first and important step towards obtaining the prestigeous drivng license in UAE. The same type of test will be held in all the seven emirates including Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Kaimah, Fujairah etc. This test also known as RTA Signal Test. Below given are categorised as practice questions and mock RTA theory test.

In practice Questions you can see the answer before proceeding to move all topics. Mock RTA Test created same as the Original RTA Test. But we reduced the number of questions for you to smoothly complete the test.

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Mock driving theory test

Below mock RTA theory test simulates the real test. All the best. Let us know the feedback

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Theory Test 2
Theory Test
Mock RTA Theory Test
Mock RTA Theory Test
Mock RTA Theory Test

All Traffic signs in the RTA theory test and how they appearing in the road

Deep Dive RTA Theory Tests

The below test gives deep dive analysis on the various subject on RTA theory test, Light Motor Vehicle(THEORY-LMV). This exam contains 18 questions 3 questions each from the various category. The report at the end will give the in-depth analysis on what you need to focus to study and the exams on the topics section below help you to practice on each topic.

  • Traffic Signals csignals.
  • Road User Safety 3 safe-driving 3
  • Managing Risk 3 manage-risk 3
  • Learning to Drive 3 learn-drive
  • Rules and Responsibilities road-rules 3
  • Road User Info 3 road-users. 3

Begin Test

Practice questions

Practice questions arranged based on various topics covering on the RTA theory test. Click on each section to access the test. Once you complete go to the next section for mock tests.