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Traffic Signals

Road signs provide visual information to help control and regulate the flow of traffic and help to keep you and other road users safe.It is an important thing to notice in dubai because:

  •  road networks are becoming more complex

  •  traffic volumes are increasing

  •  the number of visitors to Dubai who are unfamiliar with the roads is increasing each year.

road signs are placed on, over or next to a public road where they: 1. fulfill an important need 2. Command attention 3.Provide a clear and simple message 4.Provide sufficient time for road users to respond appropriately.

road signs provide information to road users in three ways:

As a regulation or road law (which must be obeyed by law), As a warning As a guide.

Regulatory signs

This is to control the action on the road by road users, what you can do or should not do, You should obey them always.

Various types of regulatory signs are:

Control signs

show right of way priority or direction of travel. Few signs are below.

Mandatory signs

show user which action they must take. Few signs are below.

Prohibitory signs

show which action they should not take, for example they should not take right turn. Few signs are below.

Parking Control signs

used to regulate the parking areas. Few signs are below.

Freeway Control signs

show start and end of freeway

Warning signs

This is alert the users for possible hazards they may see on the road. There are three types.

Advanced Warning signs

Hazard Marker signs

Hazard marker signs identify physical hazards, such as a bridge structure. Few signs are below.

Diagrammatic Warning Signs

Use as a warnign signs when the triangular warning sign not enough to show. Few signs are below.

Guide signs

Guide signs use to provide direction. they include information about route numbers, street names and destinations and are generally in both Arabic and English.

Trailblazing Guide Signs

show right of way priority or direction of travel. Few signs are below.

Exit directions signs

Few signs are below.

other important Traffic signs

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