Some important driving license tips by Gerald

Written by Gerald Saldanha.
Finally, it is my chance to write a nice piece of motivational article that would hopefully benefit few aspirants of the much sought, desirable UAE driving license. I got my license on my fifth attempt (quite embarrassing to admit this fact actually). But on each previous attempt I failed owing to the faults I committed which stemmed from my fear and not due to the ungrounded rumors about rude examiners practicing unethical means to fail you on purpose because they want to make money. Examiners on most of my previous attempts were pretty calm and always said “Baba, be cool” or “tension nahi leneka” to anyone whom they thought were being excessively nervous. Here are few tips which I hope will help you get your license soon.

Before test.

• Dress appropriately. Enough has been said about this topic in this forum already thus I won’t delve much into it.

• Don’t talk to people who have failed the test or ask anyone how they failed; firstly because they will not tell you the truth, humans have a tendency to obscure one’s own shortcomings while referring to some misfortune that they have suffered and they will tell you that the examiner was rude or he failed you on purpose, secondly, this depressing stories will derail your thought process and make you more nervous.

• Don’t go to the test like it’s a do or die situation, you will perform better in the absence of such a mental pressure. Sometimes, I understand that people have their jobs tied to driving license and may perhaps be laid off due to their failure to get the license, I really don’t know what to say to these folks but I believe you would rather see yourself undergoing additional training than lying in a hospitals ICU ward due to an unfortunate accident owing to your bad driving skills.

• I use to find it very embarrassing to tell my friends and cousins that I failed once again thus I stopped telling them about my tests date, an added advantage of this was that I did not go to the test with an additional burden of expectation and stupid struggle to prove myself.

At the test center

• Avoid conversation with fellow test buddies since they are as nervous and apprehensive as you are and the waiting room of the examination is no place for you to start an impromptu support group and cry over your sorrows. Human mind is very fragile and a depressing or sad talk from someone can remarkably influence our behavior.

• Similarly, don’t talk to people who have just returned from their test and are waiting for their results. It is very unlikely you will receive the same examiner and that he will take you for the test on the same route. At the most, with the assistance of the mind faculties you can picturize the road conditions of the route taken by them but it will not be of much assistance to you in your test anyway.

• When you name is called out by the examiner don’t stand up like a chicken soaked in water but rather respond with confidence and smile at the examiner. If you don’t feel like smiling at him then fake a smile.

• From the waiting room to the car don’t walk like a prisoner about to be hanged but instead bring a little happy bounce in your gait. Think of all the good things you will do soon after you will pass this test.

• Wish the examiner with a smile.

Inside the car

• Do not fumble and try to do all things in a haste, there is a protocol called SMS follow the below steps.

 S – Adjust your seat first, stretch your leg to the brake pad and accelerator and check if your leg reaches. Check the recline level of your seat.

 M – Adjust the mirrors.

 S – Wear your seatbelt and check that your fellow passengers (including the examiner) also have their seatbelts on.

If you do these steps the examiner will get the message (SMS) that you know what you are doing. Don’t be haphazard. Check your dashboard to ensure all doors are closed and no warning sign light is on.

• Just do what your instructor has thought you. Don’t worry about the examiner or fool yourself to think that he is not looking. I can assure that he is looking at you very minutely. I must narrate one anecdote here, on my first test the examiner was good but he was constantly busy with his IPad which had a multi colored screen on display, I thought that he is busy playing games and was not bothered whether I was looking in the mirror or not. Alas, I was wrong.

• Check mirrors every 5-10 seconds and before applying brakes and putting on an indicator.

• Ensure that your car is positioned in the center of the lane.

• Maintain speed limit.

• Roundabout – before you approach the arrow sign ahead of the give way live reduce your speed and once your vehicle is on top of the arrow look on your left for oncoming traffic. Only enter the junction once there is either no car or there is considerable distance and you are confident.

More people fail because of the manner in which they carry themselves rather than their bad driving skills. Fear instigates nervousness and mistakes. I’m reminded of a quote I had read couple of days ago in one book “motions influence your emotions”, the way you carry yourself or what the exterior of your body does have a direct bearing on your thought process. Try to put on a big smile and walk with purpose in mind, hopefully this will assuage the pressure that you feel before the test.


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