Change lane like a pro during your test in Dubai

Author: Gerald Saldanha

Most people in Dubai fail their Driving test when the driving examiner asks the student to perform a lane change because the anxiety stricken students attempts to perform the maneuver in haste which calls for immediate intervention of the examiner to protect you from colliding with some other vehicle or the curb and any intervention from the examiner during the test are basis for immediate fail.

Few steps to remember while performing a lane change exercise.

  • As the examiners generally say, “Be cool” and do not haste or do not show urgency to change.
  •  Make sure your car is positioned in the center of your respective lane
  • Look ahead to ensure that there is no intersection merging into the road that you are about to enter.

  • If there is car waiting at the give way line or the stop line waiting to merge in to the road that you want to enter then change the lane after you cross the intersection.

  • Look in the rear mirror and put on the indicator in the direction in which you want to change the lane.
  •  Check respective side mirror and judge the speed of the car behind you and decide if it would be safe to enter the lane without the car behind you colliding to your cars posterior.

  •  Check the shoulder in the respective direction of the lane you want to enter.

  • While doing a shoulder check ensure that you continue to drive in the center of your original lane. Only once you have completed your shoulder check successfully should you start gradually moving into the lane that you desire.
  • I use to commit a mistake while doing a shoulder check of holding my steering wheel very tightly thus any slight movement in my body would disagreeably swerve the car, my Ustaad recommended me to hold the steering loose while doing a shoulder check so that the car does not swerve due to the rigidity in my limbs and movements of my body.

When you be an experienced driver it will be a normal and easy practice but for a novice driver not accustomed to drive in a relaxed manner in the presence of prying eyes of the examiner this tip may mean the difference between pass and fail.

Happy driving and all the best! Please comment if there are any additions or edits you would like to the above steps to help people pass their test. And if you like my tips and my writing style then please connect with me on Facebook. Cheers!

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