Dubai Driving Test experience and tips latest

Name : Vishu
Hello Friends,

I appeared for my driving test today at Belhasa Driving
School- AL Wasl and pleased to share that I passed on my very first attempt.

First, I would like to thank everybody who contributed their
experience and feedback on this forum which really helped me nail this test. I
would recommend everybody to follow these tips shared which are crucial to pass
this test.

My feedback after passing the test is that – keep your confidence
level high, don’t get nervous. Drive like how you would have driven if this was
not a test. It’s all mind game. Don’t hurry up - take time to settle down on
the seat before proceeding. Don’t believe
in the stories that examiners fail you on purpose or they have to meet targets.
They only want safe drivers on the road.

During my test I saw that examiners see how much control you
have on the vehicle and how safe you drive – smooth acceleration – gentle braking.
I saw one student failed to do shoulder
check on one occasion and 90 degree parking was not good, yet he passed – because
he was confident and driving with a positive attitude.

Your driving will improve over time when you will drive in
your own car – examiners don’t want you to be perfect now. But they will see
your approach when you are new. If your basics are wrong you will definitely fail
– no matter how many test you take.

Tips – reason your driving instructors why one should follow
a particular procedure – like 4 point check in lane change – maintaining correct
lanes in roundabout. The day you know the why this procedure are followed you
will know the basics. Do not blindly follow anything.

My Success tips

Follow the road or lane you
are driving unless asked to change by the examiner. Do not ask about things which
are obvious.

Keep checking center and
side mirrors every 5 seconds. Check center mirror during braking.

Maintain the speed limit. Especially
when you exit from the highway and enter into an internal roads. Examiners
check this.

Follow all the tips already
given in the forum.

Best wishes for everybody appearing for tests. Keep yourself
calm – focus on basics – you will Pass !!