Pass Dubai Road Test Now - The complete list of Tips

Pass Dubai Road Test Now - The complete list of Tips

Dubai Road Test conducting by RTA. Passing the Dubai Road test is a dream of thousands of candidate. Below is the complete list of tips helps you to pass.

Control your Speed

You should speed in the allowable limit for example If the speed limit is 30 KMPH, you drive 30, not 35 km/hr.

Lane Changing

During Lane changing few candidates miss to do shoulder checks.

General Tips 

1. Don't apply break when change lane

2. Move into the roundabout- only when there is no traffic from the left side. Refer for more

3. Use 4 step procedure when change lane.
check rear view mirror, based on the direction you go, you have to do signal, left/right mirror, shoulder check, rear view mirror again , if safe to change lane then change lane.

4. When approaching to the main road through merging road keep steering straight and check appropriate mirrors and immediately accelerate to the road speed once enter to the merging road.

5. When changing lanes don't turn suddenly or don't swerve.

6. When left or right or U-turn, the car should not touch the yellow line.

7. When merging to the main road where not much ramp area check left and shoulder only.

8. Slowly approach u-turn and round about.

9. Move inner circle in the roundabout for left and u-turn.

10. Not overtake or change lane in solid line

11. Don't lose your focus throughout the test. Mistakes can happen but don't think too much on the mistake which will troubles you to make more mistakes.

12. When merging if any vehicle coming stop within the lane don't cross yellow line in your left side.

13. Check center mirror each 5 seconds when driving and before applying the brake.

14. On the examination date greet your examiner to get a first impression. You can greet in normal English or Arabic form. 

15. Drive confidently and focused at all times during the exam. Keep calm and focused on your exam.

➤ Tip from Readers : Rahul Gangwani

1. Stopping 3 seconds in compulsory at Stop signs.
2. Stay under the speed limit. But this does not mean that you have to keep your speed low. Keep it according to the road limits.
3. Never argue with the Inspector.
4. Stay focused.
5. Show your confidence.
6. Don't waive your car on the road. If there is a pedestrian or cyclist, stop after checking your center mirror and remember to give your hazard lights.
7. Keep checking the center mirror every 5 seconds and side mirrors every 10 seconds.
8. If a car in front of you is continuously slow you are allowed to overtake him. But remember to come back in your lane.
9. Mostly importantly don't lose hope as you will pass in one or other attempt. I have seen many incidents where people give up after giving 5-6 tries.