RTA Test Success Story Jan 2018 by Vignesh

My tips

1)So firstly the main thing would be to get a good instructor more of which would be found in Emirates driving institute or Belhasa if your instructors are not good and are teaching you the wrong stuff no matter how well you learn you are bound to fail so avoid Dubai driving centre, Ahli, etc and only go for the two I have mentioned

2)If you do the right thing they are going to pass you no matter what they are not there to fail you.During free rights do a head check before entering the road

3)Most people are really good in the basic things like indicator pre-drive checks seat belts mirror adjustment etc, however, fail the road test during lane change simply because they were not taught well by the instructors and I couldn't find anything helpful on the internet so ill mention a few tips below

Lane Changing tips

4)Most of the information is already on smashplus but I will add the following tips 

during lane change check center signal side shoulder and again center then change lanes.

Now when changing lanes there are a lot of cars coming and most people get confused what the right time is to change lanes for that If you can see the headlights of the car in the rearview mirror of the lane you want to change into it means its safe to change lanes never judge distance by the side mirror as it is closer in reality but looks far in the mirror.

Always check in the center rear view mirror.

Another thing is judging speed if the car in the lane you want to change into is coming fast slow down a bit never use brakes its an immediate fail if its slow speed up and change lanes.

If the speed limit is 80 stay between 70-80 nothing less on the upper limit otherwise you will find it hard to change lanes or will find that there’s traffic when you’re trying to change lanes.

When changing lanes you should slightly turn the steering in a way that the examiner/instructor doesn't even know you turned really slight and slow if you do it fast and turn a lot that would be swerving and considered an immediate fail.

5) When checking mirrors there should be a pause for each mirror and it shouldn't be in a line

I am sure everyone knows the main rules if they take care of these things that are considered as immediate fail they would pass the test easily these were the things I learnt after failing the test from the examiners the instructors would try and explain the basic steps properly but when it comes to the immediate fail steps like lane changing they give wrong information so just follow the steps I have mentioned