Ladies and gentleman Good morning

Have you ever noticed this sticker behind the truck or van running in the Dubai highways?

Driving is a beautiful skill most of the people possessing It helping them to reach any place quickly and conveniently? We all enjoying to go for a drive to the mountains or beautiful scenic places.

Myself was really happy when I received my Dubai driving license. I was excited to see the beautiful part of the city. I bought a car and hit the road but I learned a lot of new things which I never learned from my driving classes.

My learnings

First learning was indicator optional for the luxury cars such as Lexus, Range Rover, Land Cruiser. You may feel sarcastic I know. But the drivers here know better. Another one was the left most lane or speed lane is not for me. if I accidentally step into that lane some vehicle can come from nowhere and start flashing and tailgating.

And the most important learning was knowing the high accident rate on Dubai Road.

525 people died in UAE due to accidents in 2017. This is almost 2 people every day. It is really alarming. Lots of innocent beautiful lives are ending on the roads.

Major causes of accidents

There are many, but few of them worth mentioning here They are dangerous offenses due to the bad attitude of the drivers.


230 people killed due to speeding and 1535 accidents

Sudden swerving
Many drivers change their lanes without using indicators or notice to other road users.
Move to another lane without ensuring enough spaces on the target lane. Lot of death reported due to this

Sometimes when driver Not leaving enough distance between vehicles causing an accident if any unexpected things happening on the road. caused many accidents in 2017 due to Tail gating

By becoming a safe and responsible driver you can reduce the accident rates. How to reduce traffic accidents by being a safe driver.

1. Use indicators
Drivers not indicating maybe their wrong attitude, or forget to do because of some hurry. Drivers should practice and it will form a habit.

2. Keep safe distance between vehicles
There must be a safe distance to the vehicle in front to be able to react and to brake.

3. Avoid using mobile phone driving

4. Follow the rule and road etiquettes
The road rules set by the authorities with lots of study and research and it is to follow by all the drivers

5. Start early. Always plan in advance,

When you running late you may have ended up with lot of offences like high speed tail gating, sudden swerving etc. If you start early it will gives you enough time for a smoother drive.

You can see the routes and exits to take by using the latest technologies such as GPS. So you never be panic in the road in case if you miss the exit

6.Fasten your seat belts

-    Road accident causes
-    How to reduce road accidents by following safe driving practices

Together we can make better safer roads by following this and can replace the sticker to

I am driving safe because I am a responsible driver