Top tips for passing the RTA driving test Dubai

RTA drivng test dubai tips

We completed enough number of classes and various tests such as yard test, assessment test etc. now it is the time for the RTA final test. One more step to get the real happiness in the driving in Dubai. Unfortunately many of the candidates failing the RTA final driving test is because of many reasons.
Few reasons why the candidates failing is explained in the second section. Here we find some of the tips that help you to pass in the next attempt. This list will be growing as you fills your experience in the comments below,
It classified based on the various aspects or topics of driving.


  • Adjust mirrors and seats 

You should not hurry to start driving because of you are attending final test, instead adjust rear view mirrors, (left and right and inside) according to your convenience. If you are driving with setting by some one else there is a chance that you will not see anything in the rear view mirror. Same applies to seat adjustment, if you are short and driving adjusted by a taller person there is a chance that you cannot reach to the accelerator. So be careful adjust it properly and drive.
  • Seatbelt

You should fasten seatbelt before proceeding, also to instruct everyone to put the seatbelt. Once ensured everyone wore seatbelt you can proceed. 
In case if you forget pull over the vehicle to the right side of the road and can wear seatbelt

Lane Changing

  • Use 4 step procedure when change lane.

    Well, you aware that, 1) check rear view mirror, you have to turn on indicator accordingly, 2)check left or right mirror based on the indicator you turn on, 3)shoulder check also known as blindspot check, 4)Check rear view mirror again. Once completed change lane only safe to do so.