Best Apps to prepare for Dubai RTA driving test 2019

Best Apps to prepare for Dubai RTA driving test

RTA Dubai theory test is the first step in obtaining the Dubai driving license. We have lot of ways for preparing now for the theory test. For mobile and web apps its some time refers with the names RTA mock test or RTA signal test.

Thanks to the technology advance. 

Mobile Apps:

Following are the list of mobile apps available you can use to do the practice tests. All prepared by the experienced instructors or drivers.

1. RTA Theory test app

This is officially from RTA. This app is well accepted by the candidates with lot of tests available. Android and iOS are available

Download : Android
For ioS Appstore  

2. Confidence - Dubai RTA driving test essential app 

This app from smashplus gives course lessons and practice and mock tests. 
This has 4.5 rating in App store
This charges as low as $1 you can download from Appstore
Android: not available

3. RTA Theory Test

This is unofficial RTA App.
Only android version available

Online RTA Theory or mock tests

You can practice the tests online. Many online sites providing the mocktests and also your driving centers providing. Do the practice tests as much as you can. As the wise says practice makes perfect.
The best part of online RTA practice theory test is it is completely free. This provide correct answer at the end of tests.

1. Advanced mock RTA Theory test

This test from smashplus provides lot of questions classified as category based and mock tests
link to access test is Link
Smash plus also provides the deep-dive test is for free is assessing your driving skills in deep dive fashion and provides the detailed report on the various area you need to focus on the driving skill.
Follow this link to take deep-dive driving assessment

2. EDI drving test

This test from Emirates driving institute in Dubai. 
Link to access : Link
In similar way all the driving centers are providing tests. Many of them available to the students who joined with them it is protected by user and password. Please let me know in comments section below if you know any of them. Also update your feedback on the above mentioned tests how much it helped you.

Thank you.